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Hai! Hiragana

 Hiragana Flashcards

We turn each character into an illustration of a Japanese word starting with that sound. It’s a bit like ‘A is for Apple’ but instead you get ‘KA is for KArate’. There is a flashcard for each of the Hiragana characters and 5 rule cards for ‘voiced sounds’.

Katakana Flashcards

 Katakana Flashcards

As with our Hiragana flashcards we have turned the Katakana characters into cute illustrations of words used in Japan. We have also include new rule cards explaining more advanced topics like ‘contracted sounds’ and ‘loanword sounds’.

Kanji Book

 Hai!ku Kanji Book

Hai!ku teaches the Kanji with visuals and haiku mnemonic stories. It covers Kanji likely to appear in the JLPT5 (the first Japanese language proficiency test) and some useful ones for travel & food. We aim to teach a method to go onto learn more!

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