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  • Flash Cards

    Hiragana Flash Cards

    Hai! Hiragana Flash Card Pack

    52 flash card for learning to read Japanese.

    Pack includes introduction sheet, chart of hiragana, 46 basic characters & 5 rules cards.

  • Flash Cards

    Katakana Flashcards

    Katakana Flashcards: 52 flashcards to teach the full Japanese Katakana with illustrations and mnemonic phrases.

    From popular demand, we have launched our second pack of flashcards which teach the Japanese Katakana.  The cards follow the same methodology as the first with all the words being familiar or useful words used in Japan. On the reverse though, we have focused more on …

  • Flash Cards , Learning Materials

    Flashcard Bundle

    Get the complete set to learning the basic Japanese writing system.

    With both the Hiragana & Katakana learned you’ll be able to discover more of Japan and the Japanese language.

    Most good textbooks are only written in Hiragana & Katakana so it’s important to know these well to improve in your studies.  We hope our method helps you to master this skill.

  • City Guides

    Tokyo Map

    A map of Tokyo with all our favourite food, shops, bars and hidden gems.
    Accompanied with little descriptions of all the destinations for you to explore!

  • Learning Materials

    Japanese Notebook

    Blank A5 notebook with square grid paper. Perfect for keeping all your notes while learning Japanese in one place! Practice your hiragana with the kawaii illustrated cover & back.
    Space to add your name to the cover. (Cool sushi pen and icecream flash card not included)