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This is a Hiragana


Hirigana is one of the three
Japanese writing systems

It Means 

Ka letters

Writing Japanese like this in
English is called 'Rōmaji'

Ka for Karate

Ka is for Karate

Using Hai Hiragana it's easy
and fun to understand

Hiragana card selection left
Hiragana card selection right


Hai! Hiragana works by turning Japanese into creative illustrations of familiar and useful words.

It's a bit like 'A is for Apple' but we've made all the words Japanese to better introduce you to the language.  So instead you get 'Ri is for Ringo' (Apple!)

Quickly learn, understand and build a foundation for exploring the language while having fun.

What's on the cards? 

The card front shows the Hiragana symbol and an illustration to help remember the shape.

The back has the English name for the symbol which is known as Romaji.  A mnemonic phrase makes remembering easy. 

The cards are colour coded with speech bubble highlighting how to pronounce the character.


Rule Cards

A diacritic 'dashed' or 'circular' mark changes the sound of some of the base Hiragana.  By learning our 5 Rules you are able to read an additional 25 advanced characters!

The rules are colour coded to the Hiragana they apply to with a 'Top Tip' to help remember.

Te is for Tempura

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Large high quality flash cards made right here in the UK.

Pack includes 46 base Hiragana cards, 5 rule cards & Hiragana Chart.

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Who Are We?

We are a small team based in London.  Hai! Hiragana is a passion project which came about while we were starting to learn Japanese. We were experimenting with lots of tips, memory techniques and methods and found that by creating our own designs we could remember it much easier.

We hope that these cards will help you just as much and create a strong foundation and spark the same passion to learn Japanese! Everything is made right here in the UK so we are kinder to the environment.

Illustrated by the wonderfully talented Charlotte from Martin Le Lapin.

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Tokyo Guide

(N)oodles to do in Tokyo

The perfect guide to get around Tokyo, avoiding crowds and discovering secrets.

Includes: Map with destinations, journal, 3 postcards and card case.

Hiragana Flash Cards

Hai! Hiragana Flash Card Pack

52 flash card for learning to read Japanese.

Pack includes introduction sheet, chart of hiragana, 46 basic characters & 5 rules cards.

Blog & Tips

Some extra tips, research, fun facts and more about learning Japanese!
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Ri is for Ringo

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