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Pack of 52 large cards includes: Introduction sheet, chart of katakana, 45 basic characters & 5 rules cards.  Perfect for visual learners!

After learning the Japanese Hiragana you’ll want to study the Katakana next. This uses the same sounds found in the Hiragana but with slightly different characters. Primarily it is used for foreign loan words; things that originated from outside Japan like Whiskey or Cameras for example. It’s fun to learn as usually, you will already know words written in Katakana, so it becomes a little puzzle to work out what is being written.

Our method turns each character into an illustration of a familiar or useful Japanese word starting with that sound. It’s a bit like ‘A is for Apple’ but instead you get  (Ha) is for ンバーガー (Hamburger)’. On the reverse of the card are the English spelling (called Romaji) and a mnemonic phrase to help with remembering the pronunciation. Compared to the Hiragana cards we have focused more on teaching how the sounds from the Japanese language are used to work with western words such as (A) for イスクリーム (Icecream – Aisukurīmu).

Hai! Japanese is a passion project by learners (Lewis & Charlotte) for learners. We know all too well how confusing it can be to study this new language. We have taken the things we wish we knew when we started out ourselves and tried to convey them in a more intuitive, friendly and visually easy to understand manner. We hope you like it and it helps with your studies!

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2 reviews for Katakana Flashcards

  1. Sara

    If you have used the hiragana cards you can not miss on this ones. I love this cards they helped me learn and I love to go back to them from time to time just for fun ❤️

  2. Matic Majcen

    Simply THE BEST tool for learning Japanese if you’re a beginner. These cards make learning incredibly fun and easy. For me, it never really felt like learning, it’s more like playing a very relaxing game. But the results are simply incredible. With these cards, I managed to master both Hiragana and Katakana in only two months and now I’m already deep into more complicated Kanji characters. The quality of the cards is very high as well, they have a very pleasant matte texture to them so it feels really nice holding them in your hands. This would also make a great gift. Highly recommended!

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