Hai!Ku Kanji

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Learn 162 Kanji through visuals and Haiku!

We made this book as a friendly and easy introduction to learning Japanese Kanji. This is basically all the things we wish we knew when starting ourselves, packaged together in a way that’s perfect for visual learners.

Our method works by breaking each Kanji character down into simpler bite-sized pieces and using Haiku structured stories as mnemonics to help remember them more easily.

We cover Kanji which is likely to appear in the JLPT5 (the first Japanese Language Proficiency Test) as well as some useful Kanji for traveling, food & basics.

This book is aimed at beginners to spark the confidence to start studying Kanji and discover a method that can be utilized to learn even more!

To learn more about the project read our blog here

Hardbound book with fabric covering. 352 Pages

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8 reviews for Hai!Ku Kanji

  1. Sharnay

    Highly recommend!!
    This book is honestly a life saver when I comes to kanji.
    It makes it so easy to understand and remember:) 10/10

  2. Ana Karen

    This book is so much more than what I was expecting. The illustrations continue to make it easier to understand and (more importantly) to remember what you’ve learned. The perfect tool for getting inside Japanese mind and culture by understanding their language. This book is a most!!!

  3. Ashleigh Thurston

    I’ve always struggled with motivation to learn Kanji but this book is saving me. So so soooo helpful!! Definitely recommend to anyone. THANK YOU!

  4. Lukas

    The book is adorable and I’m sure it will help me study but I had to subtract two stars because it arrived with scratched edges and bent edges. I’m very careful with my books so this is kinda sad. :c I know the book itself isn’t very expensive but you could at least use bubble wrap to keep this form happening.

    • Hai!

      I’m happy to hear you liked the book and sorry to hear it arrived broken, the book is meant to be sent out in an envelope designed for sending books in the post but our fulfillment center did mess up recently and send some in the wrong packaging. I’ll be happy to issue you a replacement and hope it arrives safely as we worked really hard to get a nice quality finish on the book and it’s a shame for it to arrive damaged and makes me sad also.

  5. Matic

    Great book for learning Kanji characters. The book is really well designed and made of high quality materials. It’s simply a great looking book. Its small size allows you to take it along anywhere you go and since it’s hardcover it doesn’t get bent or damaged. Keeping my fingers crossed for part deux!

  6. Paige

    This book is amazing!!! The illustrations are beautiful and it is the perfect way to practice some more basic, essential Kanji characters. The book is great quality, and has extensive detail and great instructions – it even comes with a Hiragana and Katakana chart too! (Would recommend that you already have good knowledge of these two before reading this – as pronunciations are mostly in Hiragana) It also arrived within 3 days of ordering and in perfect condition! Would definitely order from this small company again – you can tell how much care and attention they have put into this book! Thank you 🙂

  7. Bradley

    A fantastically illustrated book, very helpful for learning your first 162 Kanji. Eagerly awaiting the release of the next book!

  8. Nik

    Great resource for really remembering the Kanji, instead of just recognizing them. This book is great and worth every penny. Looks good on a bookshelf, too. Now I’d love a complete 常用漢字 set of these!

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