Hai!Ku Kanji


Now available to pre-order! Estimated completion January 15th 2021

Learn 162 Kanji through visuals and Haiku!

We made this book as a friendly and easy introduction to learning Japanese Kanji. This is basically all the things we wish we knew when starting ourselves, packaged together in a way that’s perfect for visual learners.

Our method works by breaking each Kanji character down into simpler bite-sized pieces and using Haiku structured stories as mnemonics to help remember them more easily.

We cover Kanji which is likely to appear in the JLPT5 (the first Japanese Language Proficiency Test) as well as some useful Kanji for traveling, food & basics.

This book is aimed at beginners to spark the confidence to start studying Kanji and discover a method that can be utilized to learn even more!

To learn more about the project read our blog here

Hardbound book with fabric covering. 352 Pages

*final printed product may differ slightly from images

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Weight500 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 2.2 cm


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