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    Hai!Ku Kanji

    Learn 162 Kanji through visuals and Haiku!

    We made this book as a friendly and easy introduction to learning Japanese Kanji. This is basically all the things we wish we knew when starting ourselves, packaged together in a way that’s perfect for visual learners.

    Our method works by breaking each Kanji character down into simpler bite-sized pieces and using Haiku structured stories …

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    Flashcard Bundle

    Get the complete set! Over 100 flashcards to teach the Japanese Katakana with illustrations and mnemonic phrases. Perfect for visual learners.

    With both the Hiragana & Katakana learned you’ll be able to discover more of Japan and the Japanese language.

    Most good textbooks are only written in Hiragana & Katakana so it’s important to know these well to improve in your studies.  …