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Get the complete set! Over 100 flashcards to teach the Japanese Hiragana & Katakana with illustrations and mnemonic phrases. Perfect for visual learners.

Each pack of 52 large cards includes: Introduction sheet, chart of hiragana, 46 basic characters & 5 rules cards.  Perfect for visual learners!

This is where you will want to start your Japanese language journey! Most good textbooks are only written in Hiragana & Katakana so it’s important to know these well to improve your studies. Hiragana is the Japanese phonetic alphabet and it contains all the sounds which make up Japanese. While Katakana uses the same sounds found in the Hiragana but with slightly different characters. Primarily it is used for foreign loan words; things that originated from outside Japan like Whiskey or Cameras for example. Learning both writing systems will give you a strong foundation to build upon and improve your pronunciation and understanding of Japanese.

Our method turns each character into an illustration of a familiar or useful Japanese word starting with that sound. It’s a bit like ‘A is for Apple’ but instead you get ‘ (Ka) is for らて(Karate)’. On the reverse of the card are the English spelling (called Romaji) and a mnemonic phrase to help with remembering the pronunciation.

Hai! Japanese is a passion project by learners (Lewis & Charlotte) for learners. We know all too well how confusing it can be to study this new language. We have taken the things we wish we knew when we started out ourselves and tried to convey them in a more intuitive, friendly and visually easy to understand manner. We hope you like it and it helps with your studies!

All printed locally in the UK – We Ship Worldwide

We are now also available on Amazon. It’s not our most favourite company to support but it is our recommended option for orders to the EU as they make importing through customs easier.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re having a problem with your order, just send us an email at sales@haihiragana.com

Hai! Hiragana ISBN: 978-1-8382247-1-4

Hai! Katakana ISBN: 978-1-8382247-2-1

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14 reviews for Flashcard Bundle

  1. Debra Heal

    Beautifully made flash cards that are easy to understand with clever ways to help you memorise the hiragana and katagana. I found it to be a really fun way to learn and test myself. I highly recommend them to new learners or anyone who wants a good way to practice their skills.

  2. Dan Rushton

    These sets absolutely wonderful!

    I’ve tried other visual learning tools for kana before and the links between the characters and the art has always felt a bit arbitrary or tenuous. These, however, are spot on!

    ‘Te’ in the Hiragana set is my favourite. I’ll never forget that character again!

  3. Emily Graham

    I have loved using these cards to help with my studies. They are sturdy and beautifully made. The art work is really visually interesting and really helps you to remember the shapes. I’ve enjoyed using them and would totally recommend them to anyone starting to learn. My favourite character is ‘Ra’ because it looks like a bowl of Ramen! Super useful when trying to learn the shapes and the pronunciation.

  4. Gautam

    Absolutely love these. It’s excellent to remember tricky hiragana characters (like Sa vs Ki) and I definitely struggled with Katakana before this set. It’s also a fun game for my baby daughter. I hope they make Kanji this easy next! Also, super fast delivery and excellent customer service over email.

  5. Lewis

    What a fantastic idea! I’ve always wanted to start learning Japanese, but it always seemed so daunting! The flash cards are fantastic at helping you learn symbols and words by using really clever visual aids! The cards themselves are really great quality, and a perfect sign. The art work is also brilliant! Absolute bargain for £20(i got the flashcard bundle) and I would recommend them to anyone interested in beginning to learn Japanese!

  6. Aaron

    I’ve both Hiragana and Katakana and find they really help me learn the characters initially and then good for reinforcing recognition so i can read quicker.

    There is a lot of useful information on each card, the character, pictures to help it recognise the character, example words etc but the thing i like most is the easy pronunciation guide. With other learning aids that are written down i was never sure i was saying things correctly but with the cards i know ?.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Molly

    I ordered the Hai! Hiragana and Hai! Katakana card sets a few weeks ago as I started my journey of learning Japanese. I am so so happy with them and they have helped my learning immensely. As a visual learner, these cards are just perfect for me! I would definitely recommend buying the bundle as these cards are a great way to quickly get a base in kana before moving on to reading Japanese and learning Kanji. The cards are really well made and well illustrated, highly recommend!

  8. Jade

    I ordered these last week Tuesday and they came Friday the same week! They’re absolutely amazing! Informational and colourful. Have helped me so much with my learning.

    Thank you xx

  9. Oda

    From two Norwegian noobs who just this year got hooked in Japan and the Japanese language, with no prior knowledge: we love the flash cards, they are absolutely amazing.! We went from knowing maybe 5-6 words, to knowing 40 in just a couple of days. Not to speak of learning the hiragana and katakana script! The flash cards are smart, creative, funny but most importantly, highly effective. We were blown away by how quickly we were learning, and how fun it was to put it into practice. Also, plus points for making the illustrations so beautiful. To put things short, we couldn’t be happier and have been having so much fun with the deck!!

  10. Eleonore

    My teen daughter and myself have started learning Japanese. We absolutely love the flash cards. They are beautifully designed, creative and funny. Not only are we learning the hiragana but also lots of vocabulary. Highly recommended.

  11. Pearl

    These flash cards have been perfect for myself and my 2 children (ages 3 and 5) to learn Hiragana and Katakana. The illustrations are not only whimsical, but are accompanied by words to help with sounds. These are perfect tools to complement your Japanese language learning journey!

  12. Matic

    Simply THE BEST tool for learning Japanese if you’re a beginner. These cards make learning incredibly fun and easy. For me, it never really felt like learning, it’s more like playing a very relaxing game. But the results are simply incredible. With these cards, I managed to master both Hiragana and Katakana in only two months and now I’m already deep into more complicated Kanji characters. The quality of the cards is very high as well, they have a very pleasant matte texture to them so it feels really nice holding them in your hands. This would also make a great gift. Highly recommended!

  13. Jamie

    Very nicely made cards and great words/images to help learn katakana. Unfortunately the pack doesnt seem to include wo (ヲ) I even checked the summary card and they state that wo doesn’t exist. Apart from the missing kana, they are good cards.

    • Hai!

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂 We decided to not include “ヲ” in the cards as it’s really rare to see. As it’s counterpart “を” (Wo) in Hiragana is used a particle and it shares the same sound as the Katakana オ (O), these two things combined cause it to not have a use outside of being a stylistic choice. Our method uses real word examples for each character and the only ones we could find were some very vague names from shows etc. (I think one of the Evangelion titles uses ヲ) but any example we found would be copyrighted, so we felt it safest to not include them. There isn’t much space on the cards to put all of this down, so I’ll try and put a blog post up about it soon.

  14. Yong

    Undoubtedly, these cards are among the best options for beginners. Its superb design and excellent customer support services make it stand out from the rest. I genuinely hope to see more improvements and increased advertising for these fantastic products, as it has the potential to benefit countless beginners. Thank you! どうもありがとうございます

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